About Us

Born In The Heart Of The Wild West

Straight out of Queensland, Australia, JRB Precision was founded in 2013 by Military Veteran, James Blacker, and his wife, Elizabeth Blacker. In designing this Veteran and family owned business, the goal was to bring quality and affordability into the industry with the greatest focus being you: the customer and end user.

In the initial years of the business, the focus was on market research, design and testing to ensure that JRB Precisions product line-up could meet all demands of the end user. With a staff of avid shooters and hunters, the product line originates through practical, real world applications providing you with the quality and functionality needed in a variety of applications. All products are then put through a series of tests by internal experts, as well as Tier One military personnel, law enforcement officers, competitive shooters and hunters all around the world. JRB has continued to grow their product line and market share each year through the continual development of new product requested by you.

You Will See the Difference

At JRB we have an unwavering passion for offering high quality optics at the industry’s most competitive prices and matched by incredible service. With each and every order we strive to surpass your expectations. From your first look through to your interaction with our customer service team in Queensland, we are confident that you will appreciate the quality of our service and products.

You will see the difference in everything we do because we are different, and we developed this company to be exactly that so that you, the consumer, get everything you deserve.

Taipan Bullets: A History of Precision

For over 60 years Taipan Bullets has been dedicated to the manufacture of the most accurate bullets in the world. This commitment to performance has established a “Tradition of Precision” for which Taipan is known throughout the world.

Over the years, much has changed in the industry and in the marketplace. One common thread running throughout this time however, has been Taipan’s focus on bullets. Hunting and target bullets for rifles and handguns are the only products we make and we work hard to make them better than anyone else. If you consider the large number of serious shooters who use nothing but Taipan and the many accuracy records held by marksmen shooting Taipan bullets, we believe we accomplish our objective of a better bullet.

Since 1947 Taipan began in 1942 in the Sydney.

At the time, World War II had begun, shooting popularity was rising to unprecedented levels and the supply of high quality ammunition was limited. Shooters were discovering that to satisfy their own demand, reloading was the answer.

In 1967, Taipan left its factory in Sydney, for a new beginning in Gympie. Armed with years of experience in the manufacturing and testing of our quality bullets, Taipan designed and built one of the industry’s most advanced manufacturing facilities. While integrating the best of the old with the new, we enhanced our tool and die shop, upgraded our metallurgical laboratory and quality control systems, redesigned our process for washing and polishing bullets and improved our bullet assembly equipment.

Quality in a finished bullet begins with the raw material. To insure that only the most uniform materials are used, we check the grain size of the raw materials we buy with sophisticated metallurgical equipment. If you ask a shooter what they demand most in a bullet, they will probably tell you consistency in performance. To meet this demand, Taipan is dedicated to the highest level of precision in design, manufacturing and quality control. We believe it is a differentiating factor between a Taipan bullet and all the other available bullets.

With today’s technology, design capabilities are mind-boggling. Since our move to Ipswich, Taipan’s tool and bullet design department has evolved from the traditional drawing board to a sophisticated computer aided drafting design system. This cutting edge system and supporting software has greatly enhanced the design process, and enabled us to take our bullet design to an entirely new level.