Barnard Action

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Designed for the Palma or long-range shooter. A single shot cylindrical action, a version of the model P Action with customized bolt and port configuration.
  • Right Bolt / Left Port (pictured above)
  • Left Bolt / Right Port
  • Twin Port / Right Bolt
  • Twin Port / Left Bolt

    Supplied as standard with the Barnard Target trigger.

    Model PC Details

    Receiver Length
    200mm (7.85")
    Receiver Diameter
    37mm (1.457")
    Bolt Diameter
    22mm (0.866")
    PC "standard" Action weight
    1.307kg / 46.103oz           (with trigger 1.406kg / 49.595oz) 
    PC "Twin port" Action weight   1.224kg / 43.175oz           (with trigger 1.322kg / 46.632oz)
    Loading Port Length
    75mm (2.95")
    Barrel Thread
    1 1/16" UNF X 16TPI 

    PC "Standard" Bolt Face

    .308 / .534 Magnum

    PC "twin port" Bolt face .223/ .308/ .534 MAGNUM
    Striker Tip Diameter
    1.6mm (.062") standard
    Lock Time
    1.7 milliseconds - calculated
    Sight Mounting
    Drilled & tapped (M4) for most sights 
    eg CENTRAL, REDFIELD, RPA, WARNER.or our full length sight rails
    Action Mounting
    1/4" UNF Cap Screws
    Blue/Black standard.