WTS #3 Trap

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We have then added extra welds for increased strength, the x-strong shock spring to the chain, and there is also a spring retainer on the smaller springs to prevent them being pulled off. They come ready to go out of the box. We think it is our best value trap for dog trapping. A good extra option is to have a double stake ring added to the end of the chain if you like using stakes. The jaws are offset 1/4 inch and laminated with a strip of steel to reduce closing impact pressure.

This is the steel offset laminated jaw model (not rubber jaw).  What is offset? Offset jaws mean the jaws do not touch they have a gap when closed. In the WTS #3 they have a 1/4 inch gap. What is laminated? Lamination strips (steel strips) are welded onto the jaws to make them thicker. Why use offset laminated jaws? Offset laminated jaws have been proven to be more humane than standard steel jaw traps. By thickening the jaw and offseting them the impact pressure of the trap on the animals foot is much reduced while still providing the same holding ability. 

92 x 57mm pan.